Covid-19 Update

Well, everyone else is updating their clients, as witness our inboxes overflowing with messages from shirt suppliers, so here’s what’s happening at Plantagenet: business as usual. Well, a bit busier than usual, actually, as people seem keen on the idea of getting a Will in place at the moment. Since our process is based on email, videoconferencing and electronic, rather than paper files, we have not needed to change much.

The only difficulty is in getting documents executed. Where you need a witness (as for LPAs and Advance Decisions) or two witnesses (as for Wills) the government guidelines on keeping 2m away from other people and avoiding gatherings of more than two people make things tricky. Not impossible, mind you. The law requires a witness only to have a line of sight to what the signatory is doing, which can be done from 2m away. If the restrictions continue, we’ll produce some updated signing guidelines, though the Law Society and STEP have already got involved so it is possible there may be some relaxation of the requirements: watch this space.

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