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The International Dimension

It is increasingly the case that UK residents have property abroad and families are internationally-mobile. This can make helping clients difficult. No adviser can pretend to be qualified to advise on the law and taxation rules that apply in all relevant jurisdictions, even before getting into the very difficult area of deciding which rules to apply where there is more than one jurisdiction whose laws could be relevant, and which may conflict with each other. We do, however, have familiarity with the sort of issues that are frequently encountered, and can work with appropriate professionals in other countries to deliver the overall service you need.

We can also advise UK residents moving abroad, or expatriates returning to the UK on how their property and tax status will be affected by their move.

As far as non-residents coming to live and work in the UK are concerned, we can advise you how you will be affected by UK taxes and property laws, and how to structure the ownership of your UK property and activities. We can advise on issues of nationality, residence and domicile under English law and work with advisers in your country of origin to help you understand the laws that apply to you and your property in the UK and how that may affect your assets held elsewhere and tax liabilities abroad.

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