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What We Don’t Do

“A Jack of all trades is a master of none”, and there are some services that we do not offer, whether for regulatory reasons or because we wish to maintain a focus on our particular specialisation:

Although our staff may be legally qualified we are not authorized by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and therefore do not undertake activities reserved to solicitors under the Legal Services Act 2007 such as litigation, conveyancing, extracting grants of probate, administering oaths or offering notarial services. We do not offer general legal advice on matters such as employment, divorce or insolvency.

We are not Bankers, Investment Managers or Financial Advisers and so are not authorized under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We therefore do not undertake any activity regulated under that Act such as accepting deposits, advising on or managing investments in the United Kingdom

We are not Accountants and do not offer auditing services, prepare accounts or conduct financial investigations

Although we do prepare Wills and Powers of Attorney for clients, we are not Will writers, as such. Will writers provide a valuable service in preparing what are generally simple documents for clients whose affairs are straightforward, at a competitive cost. They do not, generally, have the expertise to advise on sophisticated tax matters or specialist estate planning issues, such as complex trusts, or estates with assets abroad. If all you need are simple documents to be prepared in accordance with your instructions, and do not want any more substantial advice, we may not be the right firm for you

We are not a licensed Trust Company and so cannot act as a corporate trustee. Individual partners of the firm can, however, agree to act as a trustee in an individual capacity.

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