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Bruce Hogarth-Jones

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The general partner of the firm is Bruce Hogarth-Jones. After a scholarship to Pembroke College, Cambridge to read law, Bruce qualified as a barrister and then worked in the City of London for a number of investment banks, before moving into private banking and wealth management, where he acted as general counsel for Citigroup Private Bank’s Europe, Middle East and Africa division. In 2004 he left the City and spent the next 10 years advising individual private clients and their families on estate planning, capital taxes, wills, trusts and estates, before founding Plantagenet Partners LLP in 2015.

How We Work

Plantagenet aims to move professional services into a new era by delivering a personal, tailored, high quality service to its clients using the best modern technology available. That means keeping electronic files, rather than paper ones. It also means giving clients direct instant access to their adviser by email, messaging and video calls from anywhere in the world, rather than relying on letters sent by post. We believe our clients should be able to get accurate professional advice in hours or days, rather than weeks or months.

Our Values

We believe that we exist to serve our clients, rather than the other way round. We treat each client as an individual. We look for simple and sustainable answers to your particular needs, rather than complex and artificial schemes. We try to explain our advice clearly, even if the matter is complex, so that our clients understand their options properly, rather than being pushed towards a packaged solution. We act with discretion, fairness and courtesy. We give impartial advice and are equally open to clients of any age, nationality, race, religion, gender or ability. We try to minimise our use of energy and the earth’s natural resources in every aspect of the way we work.

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