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Trust Services

For some people, it is a question of understanding their options for the establishment of a new trust, and choosing the right structure to achieve a particular tax, family or charitable objective, such as funding the education of grandchildren or protecting a vulnerable beneficiary.

For others, it is a case of understanding their rights as beneficiaries, or their responsibilities as trustees, under an existing trust, perhaps one created many years ago. It is a particular problem that the original settlor, and the professional advisers involved when a trust was first created, are often no longer around to be consulted.

We can assist with advice on trust law and taxation, the restructuring of existing trusts to make them more relevant to changed circumstances and with the routine administration of trusts, including dealing with changes of trustee, arranging trustees’ meetings and ensuring that the decisions made by the trustees are properly documented and implemented. We can draft trusts in Wills and arrange for the appropriate trust deeds to be prepared for lifetime trusts.

We can also assist trustees, using other appropriate professional advice, to arrange valuations and transfers of trust property, and set up systems for the preparation of trust accounts, filing of trust tax returns and issuance of tax certificates to beneficiaries (“R185s”).

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